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One Winter Movies In Order [what order are the One Winter films]

what is the order of the hallmark one winter movies

One Winter is a film series based on the story of Cara, a columnist for an online women’s magazine who gets dumped and finds love again in an unexpected way.

One Winter films are connected and set in a linear timeline. If you wish to watch the films in order, then watch them as follows:

List of all One Winter movies in release order

  • One Winter Weekend (2018)
  • One Winter Proposal (2019)
  • One Winter Wedding (2021)

About One Winter Movie Series

One Winter Weekend, directed by Gary Yates and starring Taylor Cole  in the lead role of Cara, was released by Hallmark in 2018. The film told the story of a columnist who unexpectedly finds love again, proving entertaining for the audience.

After the success, the film goes spawned into two direct sequels making it a popular romance trilogy from Hallmark.

A still from One Winter Weekend (2018). it is the first movie on the list of all One Winter movies in order of release

One Winter Movies In Order: What is the Order of the Hallmark One Winter Movies?

Cara, dissatisfied with her job, decides to spend New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend, but she soon discovers that he is cheating on her. Cara decides to go on a “dating cleanse” to get away from her boyfriend’s memories, which completely changes her life.

How Many One Winter Movies are There?

To date, there are three One Winter movies: One Winter Weekend (2018)One Winter Proposal (2019), and One Winter Wedding (2021).

What is the Order of the Hallmark One Winter Movies?

One Winter films are connected and sets in a linear timeline. To properly understand the story it is important to watch them in release order. Here is the list of all One Winter movies in order of release

One Winter Weekend (2018)

  • Director: Gary Yates
  • Writer: Erinne Dobson
  • Stars: Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard
  • Runtime: 1h 24min

One Winter Proposal (2019)

  • Director: Gary Yates
  • Writers: Eric Brooks, Erinne Dobson
  • Stars: Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard
  • Runtime: 1h 24min

One Winter Wedding (2021)

  • Director: Gary Yates
  • Writers: Elysse Applebaum, Erinne Dobson
  • Stars: Taylor Cole, Jack Turner, Rukiya Bernard
  • Runtime: 1h 24min

One Winter Weekend (2018)

Cara Reneau is a writer at Mallory, an online women’s magazine based in Seattle, with a demanding Boss. Cara discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her on New Year’s Eve. She feels terrible at first, but then she decides to go on a “dating cleanse.”

Daine, her boss, encourages her and asks her to use her experience to write a series of three articles. She decides to go snowboarding with a friend to Clara Lake, but when they arrive, they discover that they’ve double booked their chalet with two eligible men.

One Winter Proposal (2019)

Cara and Ben have been together for a year. Cara and Ben have rented the same chalet at Clara Lake, where they met for the occasion to celebrate their anniversary. At the same time, her friend Megan and Sean were unable to maintain their relationship.

Cara is hard at work on her mystery novel, while Ben Ben is working on his new snowboard company. Ben intends to propose to Cara uniquely on the occasion of their anniversary.

One Winter Wedding (2021)

Cara Reneau, a mystery novelist, and Ben Livingston, CEO of a snowboarding equipment manufacturing company, have big plans for their wedding. Nonetheless, they are having difficulty finding time in their hectic schedule.

Cara and Ben, in the end, abandon their plans and decide to marry in the next ten days at the Clara Lake ski resort, where it all began.

Will There be Another Movie After One Winter Proposal?

After One Winter Proposal (2019), the trilogy is finally completed and there are likely very few changes that there will be the fourth installment in the One Winter series.

Which One Winter Movie is Best?

All One Winter movies proved entertaining and received a positive response from the audience but, which one winter movie is best? Here is the list of all One Winter movies ranked from worst to best based on audience ratings on IMDb.

FilmsIMDb Ratings
One Winter Wedding (2021)6.0/10
One Winter Proposal (2019)6.6/10
One Winter Weekend (2018) 6.7/10


One Winter television series is created by Hallmark and tells the story of Ben and Clare finding love in a unique way. The series has three movies that are meant to be watched in release order. You can watch One Winter movies on Hallmark App, Amazon prime, and Directv.

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