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About Us is an informative website that lists all films in a franchise, Series in their correct watch order. Our goal is to be the ultimate resource for all who want to know about the right order to watch any series. was started back in late 2020. Ashish Sharma came up with the initial concept. Film franchises contain many films, and all of them are based on the same storyline. To understand the story of any movie franchise, it is essential to follow an order.

We found that there wasn’t a lot of current information regarding the order we should any film franchise, So we decided to create our website and provide current and valuable information to the world!

At, you can search for anyone franchise of your choice, and you will find the best order your should follow to watch the franchise along with a complete guide to the franchise. is now running solely by Ashish Sharma and a team of knowledgeable and passionate writers.

If you have any suggestions for articles that we should write or videos that we should make and Inquiries to can be submitted to [email protected], or you can use our contact us page, we will be in touch with you shortly.