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Saw Movies in Order: In what order should I watch Saw films?

what is the correct order to watch the Saw movies

Saw series tells the story of Jigsaw, A Psychopath Killer who puts his victims in his deadly game and kills them if they lose or break any rules. here is the list of all Saw movies in order of release 

  • Saw (2004)
  • Saw II (2005)
  • Saw III (2006)
  • Saw IV (2007)
  • Saw V (2008)
  • Saw VI (2009)
  • Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)
  • Jigsaw (I) (2017)

About Saw Movie Series

The saw movie series started in 2004 with its first installment, “Saw“, and was a huge hit. Since then franchise developed back eight sequels, and all of them where blockbuster making the franchise one of the most successful horror franchise of all time.

Saw movies are very intense and are filled with highly curial killing scenes, so critics all the series as “Torture Porn”. The series has a very Intense story that is filled with suspense and mysteries.

list of all Saw movies in order of release

Saw Movies in Order: How to Watch Saw Movie Series?

The saw series follow the story of John Kramer, an engineer, and his wife, Jill. John’s life was ruined due to the miscarriage of his wife, and his problems increased when he learned that he has cancer. Disturbed and depressed, john survives suicide, and that incident makes him realize the true meaning of life.

This incident turns John into “Jigsaw“, and he starts to target those responsible for running somebody’s life. There are eight movies in the Saw series, and every film tells the story of different Jigsaw victims in his deadly game.

Are Saw Movies Connected?

All the first seven movies in the series are connected and start from the previous movie’s very end. The series involves many jumps and references at earlier subplots. Besides, if you want to understand the characters’ motives, you have to watch previous movies.

Do you have to watch all the Saw movies before Jigsaw?

In order to understand the complete story and background of the characters, this is extremely important to watch saw movies in order. All the movies in the series starts directly from the end of the previous movies and are heavily dependent on the plot of previous movie.

What order should I watch the Saw movies?

There is no specific chronological order of the series, but all movies are filled with flashbacks that take you to the past and explain the related plot.

Hence the best option is to watch them in release order so that you can follow up with the story and all the flashbacks to keep you on track with the story. Here is the list of all Saw movies in order of release

A still from Saw (2004). it is the first film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw (2004) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw (2004)

The movie starts with Adam and Dr. Lawrence waking up in an old Bathroom with no memory of how they reached here. They both are chained and thier is a dead body in the middle of the bathroom with a revolver in one hand and a tape recorder on the other hand.

Soon both of them discover cassettes in there pockets and after listening to the cassettes they both learn that they are trapped in a game of live and death. After looking for clues both of them finds two hacksaw for both of them.

When Adam and Lawrence are unable to cut their chains with a hacksaw, they understand that Jigsaw is behind all of this!

A still from Saw II (2005). it is the second film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw II (2005) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw II (2005)

The movie starts with a Guy named Michael trapped in a life threatening Helmet. Jigsaw explains to Michael the only to unlock this helmet is to find the key. Soon Michael gets killed when he is unable to gather the Key.

Eric (A Detective) arrives at the crime scene Michael and his investigation leads him to Jigsaw’s Location. Soon Eric realizes that he is trapped in the Jigsaw’s game. Jigsaw explains to Eric that his son is trapped with many other people in a dangerous room where they have only two hours before they all will be killed with the poisonous game in the room.

Jigsaw tells his story to Eric and explains how Eric has tortured criminals in his jail and gives him a chance to protect the life of his son.

A still from Saw III (2006). it is the third film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw III (2006) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw III (2006)

This movie starts exactly at the end of the previous film and we find Eric chained in the lavatory. Further, we find another Jigsaw’s Victim who gets killed by a bomb blast. The Lady detective gets kidnapped while investigating Jigsaw’s Case and finds herself completely chained.

On a TV Jigsaw’s video appears explaining that the key to unlocking the trap is in the beaker of acid. When she is unable to open her trap, she gets killed. The movie further continues with series of killings.

A still from Saw IV (2007). it is the fourth film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw IV (2007) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw IV (2007)

The movie starts with doctors finding a Tap from Jigsaw’s dead body and the Tap is for Detective Hoffman who is now a part of Jigsaw’s game. Detective Rigg with other fellow detectives goes to Jigsaw’s previous location to investigate and after locating Allison’s dead body (died in the previous movie) they learn that there is a third person who is also involved in Jigsaw’s game.

In Night, Detective Rigg is attacked and when it awakes is learns that now he is also a part of Jigsaw’s game and it has only 90 minutes to protect Hoffman, Kerry, and himself.

A still from Saw V (2008). it is the fifth film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw V (2008) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw V (2008)

A criminal gets killed by a blade at the beginning of the movie and the movie further takes you to the ending of the fourth movie in the series, where detective peter is trapped in detective Hoffman. Detective Peter is now a part of Jigsaw’s Game and finds himself trapped in a box when he violates the rule.

Hoffman with Lynn’s Daughter finally comes out and learns that Detective Peter is saved by Police and The Jigsaw’s case is finally closed and a lawyer gives a black box to the wife of Jigsaw. further, we learn that Hoffman has taken the place of Jigsaw.

A still from Saw VI (2009). it is the sixth film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw VI (2009) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw VI (2009)

The movie starts with two loan officers trapped in the game of Jigsaw because of lending money Illegally. In the room Jigsaw’s video starts and both, the victim learns that only one of them will survive and for that, they have to put their flesh on the weighing machine.

Hoffman is assigned to the case and is plots Peter, but Peter is dead. Everything is going according to Hoffman’s plan but the arrival of A female agent( Survivor of Jigsaw’s game) shocks Hoffman.

In the black box, Jill finds six envelopes and out of six, she gives six envelopes to Hoffman that contain the photograph of the next five victims.

A still from Saw: The Final Chapter (2010). it is the seventh film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Saw: The Final Chapter (2010) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)

The movie starts with Ryan, Brad, and Dina Trapped in the Jigsaw’s game. Further, a video of Jigsaw appears that explains that Dina is using both of them to fulfill her needs.

Three of them now have two choices, Either anyone of the boy win the heart of Dina and both of them will survive or both the boys kill Dina to save themselves. Jigsaw is dead but his game is still active.

A still from Jigsaw (I) (2017). it is the eighth film on the list of all Saw movies in order of release
Edited still from Jigsaw (I) (2017) | all credit goes to lionsgate

Jigsaw (I) (2017)

This movie is a complete standalone movie. The movie starts with a guy named Edger Munsen trying to escape from police and reaches near a X sign on a building, where he find a remote. When police captures him he tells police that he wants to meet detective Halloran.

When detective Halloran arrives, Edger explains that this is a game in which either he can survive or they can survive.

Do you have to watch all the Saw movies before Jigsaw?

Jigsaw movie is the eight movie in the series. Jigsaw movie is based on the similar plot of Death game of Jigsaw but is a complete standalone movie and can be watched even if you haven’t watched any of the previous saw movies.

Will there be a 9th Saw movie?

Joe Drake, Chairman of Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group is officially announced that they are coming up with the ninth installment in the series. The movie is named “Spiral” and is scheduled to release on May 21, 2021.

Which is the scariest Saw movie?

When it comes to horrifying the audience, Saw movies are up to the mark. the entire series is filled with very torturing and curial killing scene that will leave you stunned. but out of all the eight saw movies which one is the scariest?

Here lets check this out in accordance with the Audience rating on IMDb.

Saw MoviesRatings on IMDb
Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)5.6
Jigsaw (I) (2017)5.8
Saw V (2008)5.8
Saw IV (2007)5.9
Saw VI (2009)6
Saw III (2006)6.2
Saw II (2005)6.6
Saw (2004)7.6


The saw is one of the most popular and successful American horror franchises created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The series is intense and is filled with such horrifying scenes that the series was categorized as torture porn.

There are total of eight movies in the series, with a short film and a ninth sequel scheduled to release in May 2021. The in this article I have provided a list of all Saw movies in order of release and a complete guide on what order you should follow to watch this series.

if you have any other quarries let me know in the comments.

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