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Riddick Movies In Order: In what order are the Riddick movies?

in what order should i watch the Riddick movies

Riddick series narrates the story of Richard B. Riddick (a criminal who can see even in dark) who takes revenge for destroying his planet Furya and his race of Furyan. Here is the list of all Riddick movies in order of release

The Riddick movies in order

  • Pitch Black (2000)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
  • Riddick (2013)
  • Riddick 4: Furya (TBA)

About Riddick Movie Series

In 2000, the first installment of Chronicles of Riddick, Pitch Black arrived in movie theatres starring Vin Diesel.

Filled with action supported by an amazing Si-Fi story, the film became a huge hit that made the franchise come up with two direct sequels.

list of all Riddick movies in order of release

Riddick Movies In Order: How Do The Riddick Movies Go In Order?

Riddick is an intergalactic criminal who is very powerful and has altered eyes that allows him to see in the Dark. Riddick has a huge award prize on his head and to win the reward many bounty killer and police is always behind him. Riddick series is based on the story when Riddick learns about his truth and goes into the universe to find his family and home planet.

How Many Riddick Movies Are There?

Currently, there are three Riddick films that star Vin Diesel in the role of Richard B. Riddick, a criminal with altered eyes and amazing power, and a Direct-to-video animation film.

Are Riddick Movies Connected?

All the three Riddick films are connected and are based on the same storyline. Every Riddick film picks and continues the story of Riddick from where it ends in the film prequel to it.

Do you need to watch Riddick in order?

Its perfectly fine to watch Riddick films as standalone but if you want to understand the story and background of Riddick better, it is important to watch Riddick films in order. Besides the instances where story connects to the plots in the previous films will not make sense if you haven’t watched Riddick films in order.

How do the Riddick movies go in order?

Watch the order of Riddick is fairly simple and Straightforward. To properly understand and enjoy the Riddick series, you should watch all Riddick movies in order of release. Here is the list of all Riddick movies in order of release

Pitch Black (2000)

  • Director: David Twohy
  • Writers: Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat
  • Stars: Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Vin Diesel
  • Runtime: 1h 49min

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

  • Director: David Twohy
  • Writers: Jim Wheat (characters), Ken Wheat
  • Stars: Vin Diesel, Judi Dench, Colm Feore
  • Runtime:  1h 59min

Riddick (2013)

  • Director: David Twohy
  • Writers: David Twohy, Jim Wheat
  • Stars: Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff
  • Runtime: 1h 59min
image of Pitch Black (2000). it is the first movie in the list of all Riddick movies in order of release
Edited still from Riddick Film | All credit goes to Universal Pictures

Pitch Black (2000)

A spaceship named Hunter-Gratzner lands on a desert planet after getting struck by a meteorite and out of 40 passengers, only eleven passengers with a dangerous criminal named Riddick Survivors. All the eleven survivors while searching for resources learn that because of three suns, the planet receives daylight always.

Due to an eclipse that takes place every 22 years, the planet goes dark for a month. In Dark, while searching for resource, the survivors are attacked by planets flesh-eating creatures who live underground and comes out only when there is no sunlight.

image of The Chronicles of Riddick (2004). it is the second movie in the list of all Riddick movies in order of release
Edited still from Riddick Film | All credit goes to Universal Pictures

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

After five years when Riddick saved Imam and Jack, Police and many bounty hunters are behind Riddick to catch him and win the reward. While trying to protect himself from a bounty hunter, Riddick meets Imam who explains to him about Necromongers, a religious group that is killing everyone to rule over the universe and their next target is Helion Prime.

Further Aereon, an Elementals explains that Riddick is a Furyan and Lord Marshal, commander of Necromongers is the one who attacks Furyans and killed all the children to vanish all their race.

image of Riddick (2013). it is the third movie in the list of all Riddick movies in order of release
Edited still from Riddick Film | All credit goes to Universal Pictures

Riddick (2013)

After five years of killing the commander of Necromongers, Riddick is now the Lord Marshal of Necromongers but he has not taken the swear which creates Dissatisfaction between people and officials. Riddick makes a deal with Vaako to help him in finding his planet and in return, he will make him the new Lord Marshal.

Riddick with Necromongers soldiers lands on a deserted planet and learns that Vaako has conspired to kill him. After killing all soldiers, Riddick waits to heal himself and then starts to explore the planet.

Is there going to be a 4th Riddick movie?

Vin Diesel announced the production of the fourth Riddick Via his instagram and facebook page. The fourth installment in the Riddick franchise is titled Furya. Currently, the film is under production and is expected to release in 2022.

Is Riddick and Pitch Black the same movie?

Riddick and Pitch Black are not the same movie but two different movies in the same franchise, Pitch Black is the first installment in the Chronicles of Riddick film series while Riddick is the third installment in the same series.

List of All Riddick Movies, Short Films, and Television Series In Order of Release

In addition to three theatrical movies that set in the universe, there is a short animated film and a television series that explores the story of Riddick further. If you want to all short film and TV series in your Riddick watch order then here is the List of All Riddick Movies, Short Film, and Television Series In Order of Release

  • Into Pitch Black (2000)
  • Pitch Black (2000)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004)
  • Riddick (2013)
  • Riddick 4: Furya (TBA)

Which Riddick Movie Is Best?

Riddick films are filled with amazing action and fighting scenes, out of all three theatrical releases, Riddick (2013) is the weakest, and Pitch Black (2000) is the strongest. Here is the list of all Riddick movies ranked from worst to best based on Audience ratings on IMDb.

Riddick MoviesRatings on IMDb
Riddick (2013)6.4/10
The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)6.7/10
Pitch Black (2000) 7.1/10


Riddick series is one of the popular franchises that stars legendry Vin Diesel in the role of Richard B. Riddick. the series if Jam pack with action and the best order to watch the series is to follow the release order.

Here is the list I have provided a complete guide to the Riddick series and have listed all Riddick movies in order of release that you follow to watch the entire Riddick series.

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